Dennis Flavin Art: Oil - Going Home


Dennis Flavin’s work is energetic and playfully confrontational. Years ago he veered away from representational work to pursue an abstract, expressionistic style that values shapes, shadows and color.

Flavin paints in layers. The process is an ongoing conversation that shifts in form and composition until the canvas conveys what he wants to say. He hopes that by sharing his work he will help people to better appreciate abstraction.

In all of Flavin’s work, the dynamics – between form and color and shape and shadow – seize the audience.

“My emotions, my brain, are the same as my painting,” Flavin echoes the artist as subject philosophy of historic modern painters. A longtime friend and influence, Joseph Solman, one of the founding members of the 1930’s expressionists, The Ten, in New York City, Solman’s impact can be seen in Flavin’s oils. Energetic brush strokes, a concentration on geometric shapes and intense color describe Flavin’s joy and dedication to paint. “I’ll never get tired of painting, I just can’t stop.”

Dennis has been painting for more than 40 years. He lives and works in Gloucester, MA.